Schengen Border Art

The purpose of this online project is to virtually map contemporary artistic and other creative expressions whose main subject is Europe’s frontiers, be it the ‘real’ boundary demarcations in the political, social, economic realms or their imagined projections, and in the people who cross, build or challenge them on a daily basis. These artistic performances can take different forms: photographs, paintings, videos, sculptures, novels, poems, land art, simulations, installations, theatrical and other types of ‘live’ performances. The number of these artistic expressions has mushroomed in recent years as a result of the growing interest in (and controversy over) European borders and especially those comprising the so-called ‘Schengen area.’  In the site you will find a selection of this body of work, regularly updated, with information about the author and her/her creative piece(s), and an interactive map to locate them within Europe or beyond.

The curator 

Hi, I’m the curator of this project. People know me as schengenizer (“he who turns everything in Schengen”). During the day I am a scholar doing research on politics. (Borders, after all, are quintessentially political creations…). I live and work in Canada (Halifax to be precise). I grew up in Europe. And, yes, I am fascinated (obsessed?) by borders. More information on me and my work is available here